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A Webinar with Mark T. Barclay


Saturday, January 13, 2024
7 p.m. & 10 p.m. ET
Rebroadcast Wednesday, January 17, 2024
7 p.m. & 10 p.m. ET

The end of the world is upon us.

We are in the last days. Our Lord is coming SOON! Can you see it? Now more than ever we need clear vision—in both the natural and most definitely the spirit realm—to see and understand the dangers and blessings that are coming.

With each new year, new challenges arise as well as new questions.
How should you and the Church prepare?
What should we watch out for in 2024?
What should we expect in 2024 and beyond?

There is uncertainty around every corner, but the Holy Spirit will lead us through the maze of the last days. Please join us as we uncover these prophetic insights and more during this prophetic webinar.


Mark T. Barclay

Schedule (ET)*
7 p.m. Session 1
8 p.m. Break
8:10 p.m. Session 2
8:40 p.m. Break
8:50 p.m. Final Thoughts & Communion**

* Schedule is subject to change.
** If you would like to partake in communion with Dr. Barclay, please have communion elements ready at this time.


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About Dr. Mark T. Barclay

For over 40 years Mark T. Barclay has traveled the world over, preaching the uncompromised Word of God. He has strengthened innumerable ministers of the gospel with his leadership anointing, encouraging them to stand for what is right.

Author of many books, curricula, syllabi, and periodicals, he has inspired and trained a multitude of believers, preparing them for their place in the kingdom of God.

Brother Barclay is president and founder of Supernatural Ministries Training Institute, a vast network of training centers across the nation and in many other countries around the world.

He is the founding pastor of Living Word International Church, a very strong outreach center in Midland, Michigan, and a world-class network of ministries and churches. From this world headquarters church, Brother Barclay produces the national telecast and travels extensively as an international convention speaker.

Dr. Barclay is well known for his love for the local church and the move of the Holy Spirit, and many say he is one of the most accurate prophets of our day.

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