Being a pastor to hundreds of pastors, Dr. Barclay is anointed and qualified to minister to ministers. Here you’ll find information and resources tailored exclusively for you.

Renew Ministerial Credentials

It’s quick and simple to renew your annual Mark Barclay Ministries/Righteous Preachers’ Network ministerial credentials online. 

Ministers' Registration

We love ministers, and we’d love to see you at an upcoming conference or service! Whether you’re planning to attend an MBM conference, or just dropping in for a Sunday service here at the World Headquarters in Midland, registering in advance helps us to be a greater blessing to you.
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I Predict 2024 & Beyond

Every year, Dr. Barclay takes time to document what the Lord is revealing to him about the upcoming year and beyond. These predictions are available to you to take before the Lord in prayer in response to His warnings.

Straight Talk

Senior pastors and senior ministers, here’s your opportunity to spend time with Dr. and Mrs. Barclay during Live Straight Talk for Ministers.

These meetings are special two-day getaways set aside for Dr. Barclay to get into a closed room with full-time ministers to share his heart about some very deep and intimate ministry issues. The meetings are exclusive to senior ministers and their spouse only (no armorbearers, family, or lay/helps people are permitted). In order to provide a personal, face-to-face atmosphere, they are limited to a selected number of people each time by invitation only.

Upcoming Live Straight Talk Events
Louisville, Kentucky: August 19–20, 2024
Gatlinburg, Tennessee: November 11–12, 2024

If you are interested in getting on the invitation list for the currently scheduled or any future Live Straight Talks, contact Amy Barker ASAP at Mark Barclay Ministries World Headquarters at 989-832-7547, ext. 8017, or email

Straight Talk for Ministers is a monthly production from Mark T. Barclay, designed to help preachers around the world. Brother Barclay addresses issues that ministers deal with every day and that no one likes to talk about. If you are in the fivefold ministry, these messages will help you deal with the toughest situations that you may encounter in the ministry.

With Straight Talk for Churches, now you can have Dr. Barclay in your church regularly by way of DVD. No one is better at speaking to local congregations about these topics than Mark T. Barclay. Being a “friend of the pastor” and very pro-local church, Dr. Barclay will be speaking about crucial matters such as church attendance, tithing, how to relate to the pastor, being faithful, etc.

Righteous Preachers Network

Strengthening the Hands of Preachers Worldwide

The Righteous Preachers’ Network has been formed to provide leadership and help to gospel ministers worldwide, coinciding with their degree of relationship to Mark Barclay Ministries. This network is designed to strengthen the hands of the preachers, advise and encourage them in their endeavors to accomplish all that the Lord Jesus has commanded them to do.

Statement of Faith