RPN Overview

Strengthening the Hands of Preachers Worldwide

The Righteous Preachers' Network has been formed to provide leadership and help to gospel ministers worldwide, coinciding with their degree of relationship to Mark Barclay Ministries. This network is designed to strengthen the hands of the preachers, advise and encourage them in their endeavors to accomplish all that the Lord Jesus has commanded them to do.

The leadership provided by our key leader, Mark T. Barclay, has attracted gospel ministers and leaders from around the world to join forces with MBM. In an endeavor to minister to them and to strengthen them, MBM has formed an international ministerial operation. This network of ministers and their ministries overlaps every kind of ministry function and provides a World Headquarters for them. Many call MBM their home and Mark T. Barclay their pastor and friend. With thousands of preachers being touched regularly in some way by MBM, we plan to reach the masses by connecting the forces of these already proven ministries and building an unprecedented army for the Lord.

The secondary function of the Righteous Preachers' Network is to aid the ministers under your authority with their ordinations and to help young churches establish their governments.


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