Experience a Supernatural Encounter with Jesus Christ at a Mark Barclay Ministries’ Conference

Throughout the year, Mark Barclay Ministries hosts a series of conferences both here at the World Headquaters in Midland, and in cities across the nation as the Lord leads. Each conference typically lasts 3–4 days, with daytime and evening meetings.

Even though each conference has a different focus, all share the common thread of the life-changing anointing of Jesus Christ. Over the years, we have heard thousands of testimonies from preachers and believers alike of how they were touched by Jesus during one of these conferences.

Listed below are the major conference types we host, along with a brief description of each.

Holy Spirit Conference

The National Holy Spirit Conference is held during the first half of March each year at the World Headquarters in Midland, Michigan. Regarded by some as the highlight of their year, preachers and believers alike come from across the nation and even other nations to experience the powerful outpourings for which this conference has become known.

Each January in southern California, Mark Barclay Ministries holds the annual San Diego Holy Spirit Conference. Like the national conference, these meetings are also known for a deep anointing which has changed hundreds of lives.

Holy Spirit Conferences begin on a Tuesday evening and last all week until the final meeting on Friday evening. These conferences are structured this way to allow the pastors who attend to have time to return home for Sunday services in their own church.

Ministry of Helps Conference

The Bible teaches us that if a believer is not called to the five-fold ministry, then they are called to serve the Lord in the ministry of helps. The Ministry of Helps Conferences focus on more practical topics of everyday life and ministry which are relevant for both the minister and believer.

These conferences are held during September each year at the World Headquarters, and run from Tuesday through Friday.

Leadership Conference

Every born-again believer must understand the principles of leadership to live a productive and fulfilled life. Whether you are leading an army of believers or simply leading your family, the teaching and ministry found in the Leadership Conferences is vital to your success.

The Leadership Conference is a 3-day event running from Wednesday through Friday, and is held each December at the World Headquarters in Midland.

Women of Righteousness Weekend

In these anointed meetings, the ministry focuses on real-world issues which face our sisters in the Lord. Whether the speakers deal with practical matters or the innermost issues of life, the Anointing will change your life.

Each year, Vickie Barclay invites a special keynote speaker. Past speakers include Jennifer Johnson, Rita Evans, Carolyn Seville, and Nancy Alcorn.

Women of Righteousness Weekend is held each April at the World Headquarters in Midland. It’s a 3-day event that runs from Thursday through Saturday.


In so many ways, it has to be experienced to be understood. Every summer, hundreds of young people from arcoss the nation descend on Midland for 4 action-packed days of fun, worship, and life-changing ministry.

During Invasion, we turn MBM World Headquarters on its ear, almost literally!. The interior of the sanctuary is rotated 90°, and we bring in concert sound, lights, and pyrotechnics. Then there is Invade, the monster house band that ushers in the Anointing each night. Oh, and who can forget the Spoon?

Tournaments, workshops, and daytime teaching sessions, combined with nightly services with keynote speaker Josh M. Barclay create an experience guaranteed to change lives.

Invasion generally takes place near the end of July or beginning of August, and runs from Tuesday through Friday.


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