Supernatural Helps

Supernatural Helps is designed to build character, help define and perfect the call in an individual's life, and develop supportive ministries in the local church. The course curriculum in Supernatural Helps is comprised of seven key content areas. These areas are outlined below, with a partial list of titles from each area.

Personal Development

  • Soulwinning
  • Making Disciples
  • Developing a Personal Prayer Life
  • Proper Biblical Repentance
  • The Fasted Life

Supernatural Helps

  • Personal Management
  • Faithfulness—Demanded by God
  • Bible Ways to Perfect Your Ministry
  • The Captain’s Mantle
  • The Eldership Ministry
  • The Deacon’'s Ministry
  • Ministering to Infants, Children, and Youth

The Local Church

  • What Makes a Church/Statement of Faith
  • The Vision of the Local Church
  • The Remnant Church
  • Seven Bible Ways to Properly Relate to Your Pastor
  • Reasons for Church Attendance
  • Tithing Principles

What to Do When…

  • What to Do When You Disagree With Church Leadership
  • What to Do When You Get Your Feelings Hurt
  • What to Do When Strife Comes Your Way
  • What to Do When I've Been Prayed For

Character Builders

  • The Making of a Man of God
  • Killing the Goliath of Discouragement
  • Eight Hindrances to Serving God
  • A Day to Be Stable


  • Developing a Love for Missions
  • Ethics on the Field
  • Hosting an International Minister

Worship Seminar

  • Simple Facts About Worship
  • Worship Techniques That Are Scriptural
  • How to Grow an Orchestra

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