Ministerial Practicalities

Ministerial Practicalities will provide practical training on the local church, administration, legalities, ceremonies, executive ethics, and wisdom to perform with excellence in the ministry. Curriculum is divided among nine content areas.

Ministerial Development

  • The Call to Preach
  • Leaning on Your Strengths
  • Personal Discipline
  • The Minister's Private Life—Dealing With Stress
  • Long Life for a Minister

Ministerial Administration

  • Ministry = Work
  • Using What You've Got
  • Managing Your Time
  • Fifteen Top Time Wasters
  • Managing Staff and Office Personnel

Ministerial Governments

  • Church Government
  • Kingdom Authority
  • The Fivefold Ministry
  • The Role of the Pastor

Church Wisdom

  • Handling Hard Situations
  • Handling Troubled People
  • Jesus Received Offerings
  • Church Building Programs and Pledges
  • Sheep — Goats — Wolves

Marriage, Family, and Ministry

  • What to Do When Your Marriage Is Under Siege
  • Strong Marriage in Ministry
  • Fighting for Your Family

Ministerial Ethics

  • Excellence in Ministry
  • Confrontation, Honesty, and Integrity
  • Taking Care of Guest Ministries

Worship Seminar

  • Simple Facts About Worship
  • Worship Techniques That Are Scriptural
  • How to Grow an Orchestra


  • Cardinal Doctrines of the New Testament Church
  • The Anointing Oil
  • Weddings
  • Funeral Ethics
  • Ministering to the Bereaved


  • Visitation to the Flock
  • Hospital Visitation
  • Convalescent Home Visitation
  • Jail Visitation
  • Visits to Mental Wards and Institutions


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