Live Straight Talk

Senior pastors and senior ministers, here’s your opportunity to spend time with Dr. and Mrs. Barclay in Niagara Falls, ON, Canada, May 14–15; Costa Mesa, California, August 13–14; and/or Gatlinburg, Tennessee, November 12–13, 2018, for LIVE Straight Talk for Ministers.

Live Straight Talk for Ministers meetings are special two-day getaways set aside for Dr. Barclay to get into a closed room with full-time ministers to share his heart about some very deep and intimate ministry issues. The meetings are exclusive to senior ministers and their spouse only (no armorbearers, family, or lay/helps people are permitted). In order to provide a personal, face-to-face atmosphere, they are limited to a selected number of people each time by invitation only.

If you are interested in getting on the invitation list for the upcoming Niagara Falls, California, and/or Gatlinburg Live Straight Talk, or any future Live Straight Talks, contact Carolyn Jennings ASAP at Mark Barclay Ministries World Headquarters at 989-832-7547, ext. 8017.