Kill The Giant

Help Mark T. Barclay Kill the Giant!

A significant part of Dr. Barclay’s assignment is to take a move of the Holy Spirit to the world, and the Holy Spirit Conferences are one of the strongest ways this is done. We have received literally thousands of testimonies over the years from believers and preachers alike of how the Lord Jesus has touched their lives supernaturally through these anointed meetings.

What is “the Giant?”

Each Holy Spirit Conference we do has a budget of tens of thousands of dollars. On an annual basis, these combined budgets represent a giant that Mark Barclay Ministries must conquer each year in order to continue obeying God. The “Kill the Giant” program is one of the ways we conquer these budgets.

Here’s How Kill the Giant Works

It’s pretty simple. The money sown into Kill the Giant is divided between the several Holy Spirit Conferences we do each year to reduce each conference’s budget. When you sow into this program, you get the benefit of receiving credit and rewards in Heaven for everything that takes place in the Holy Spirit Conferences.

Click here to sow into the Kill the Giant program.


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